HW Solutions

We do not deal directly with the sale of computer equipment, We advise you on which solutions are perfectly fitting your needs !!!
The solutions are almost endless: devices, technical characteristics, compatibility with your existing equipment, integration into your workflow. We simply care to offer you the best solution on the market, the choice is yours!
We will take care of the customization of your equipment based on:

  • your habits,
  • in compliance with the strict IT security criteria,
  • the necessary maintenance and updating.

Personal Computers – Laptops – Servers

We carry out a careful selection of the equipment that is closest to your needs, placing you in the condition of a conscious and informed choice.
Particular attention to the evolution of the equipment and to the containment of costs are our strongest criteria. We do not aim selling to make billing volumes, but to advise you on the best solution for your business.


Nowadays it may seem “old fashioned” to talk about networks or file sharing. Many standard operating systems include everything you need to better manage your internal company networks whether they are based on wireless or wired connections.

In any case, due to the strict security criteria imposed by regulations such as the GDPR, and the possible flaws in the operating systems themselves, all the related aspects should not be neglected. And it is for this reason that their management and configuration cannot be simply entrusted to procedures that create communication channels but not in a secure way.
The same devices used for internet access provided by your telephone operator are often not sufficient to support a growing business, and therefore some precautions are needed to avoid sudden blocks of work activity, Thanks to some attacker.


To complement every office and business activity, peripherals such as printers, videos, large-format screens for meetings or Video-Calls which become crucial to each business