Who are we

From IT history, where we will go: services for your business

Black’s Work Software is a local reality operating in the information technology sector from what could be defined as prehistoric times.

We turn to customers, often not privileged, which we basically believe to be the lifeblood of the Italian financial system: small businesses !!!

The continuous evolution of today’s world, increasingly digital needs, make the competitions that occur every day insurmountable many times: our services targetting to close those Gaps.

Our Mission:

Software Be Free

Software for everyone

For many perhaps incomprehensible, it can be simply explained in some fundamental points:

  • The world of information technology must be for everyone, that is, guaranteeing results, be used at the service of your business, and not be passive users;
  • The classic noble names that are synonymous with technology, software, or components do not always think about the needs of the small entrepreneur, characterizing their systems and services mainly for medium or large companies;
  • Software solutions (programs) that are often misused, such as using a club for precision work, “hide” the future way your business works;
  • Many times the same noble software solutions do not always adapt to your needs and require customization to make them closer to your needs;
  • The continuous regulations regarding the Protection of Personal Data, and security require a considerable commitment, which if not managed correctly leads to economic risks and financial penalties that can jeopardize your efforts for years;
  • Furthermore, the continuous evolution of the systems requires economic commitments, which however do not bring the expected results.

These points represent our style, our mission, and they are carried out with the same passion that everyone puts into their own business, with a small detail:

Your success will become our success!

Our services cater to your needs:

  • We support and advise you in choosing all the physical devices to make your business work better,
  • We take care of your processes, creating customized software solutions for you, based on your habits,
  • We create websites and take care of your digital identity,
  • We take care of your customers, following the data security regulations (GDPR), helping you in drafting your GDPR: from risk analysis, to their reduction, implementation of the necessary technical measures, and continuous monitoring.

From IT history, where we will go: Services for your business!!!